Generator Inspection in New Orleans, LA

Generator Inspection in New Orleans, LA and the Surrounding Areas


Dan and Patty might just be the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They’re practical and do what’s right for their family and their home. You’ll find Dan most weekends tinkering on his truck; changing the oil. And as for Patty, she’s as sweet as the sweet-tea she brings out to Dan while he works. It’s folks like this that make you shake your head when you hear about “bad things happening to good people”. Well, what happened to Dan and Patty will make you so mad you could spit.

The Back-Up Power Generator Situation

You see, Dan and Patty bought a back-up power generator last year, just after the hurricane season. They got a good deal from the contractor and felt like they were saving a few bucks on the installation. Dan was excited. He could put some of the savings toward fishing boat, he’d had his eye on. So, Dan and Patty got the necessary permits and had it inspected. Everything seemed fine until recently. Dan called to inquire about getting maintenance agreement for their emergency generator. What he learned will make you sick.

Hire the Best Generator Technicians

You see, the contractor Dan and Patty hired wasn’t familiar with the manufacturer’s specifications for their  home generator. As it turned out, neither was the local inspector. The emergency generator was installed improper by not sizing the main feeder wire correctly and running low voltage wires in the same conduit with feeder wire . Even worse, the generator wasn’t mounted properly. Dan and Patty were lucky a fire hadn’t started. But here’s the kicker. Dan and Patty learned that as a result of this, the warranty on their back-up power generator was now void. Dan’s vision for a new fishing boat quickly sunk.

Existing Generator Installations

Trinity Services offers inspections of existing generator installations at any stage of job. A simple inspection by Trinity Services would have benefited Dan and Patty greatly from our certified and trained technicians to identify if their installation was done properly and up to code.

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