LED Home Lighting Upgrades in Marrero, LA

LED Home Lighting Upgrades in Marrero, Kenner, Metairie, LA and the Surrounding Areas

Whether you’re a renewable energy enthusiast or want to cut down on home electricity bills, New Orleans LED Home Lighting is the way to go. According to the United States DoE (Department of Energy) energy star rated residential LEDs use 75% less energy, and outlast conventional incandescent lighting by at least 25 times. Contact Trinity Home Services to schedule your LED home lighting upgrades in Marrero, Kenner, Metairie, LA and the Surrounding Areas.

LED Home Lighting Upgrades in Marrero, LA

Learn About LED Lights


Cheap LED bulbs or Phosphor-converted (PC) LEDs, work like a fluorescent bulb. True LEDs are a mixture of red, blue and green lights that produce white light. As LEDs emit light in a specific direction they eliminate the need for reflectors. Let’s look at why you should start thinking about upgrading your Home Lighting to LED.

Energy Efficiency

Everyone wants to save that extra dollar on their energy bills. LEDs for home lighting in New Orleans is just what the doctor ordered. If you switch to LEDs for all lighting needs in your home, you can save a significant amount on your monthly bills. To add to it you don’t even need to change fixtures, as these can fit into existing ones just fine.

Understanding Lumens vs. Watts

Most people make the mistake of looking at wattage on the LED lights. You should look at the lumen number to determine how bright it would be. For example, a LED light for 800 lumens would be equivalent to the brightness of a 60W incandescent light. The difference in power consumption for a few hundred lumens are only a few watts.

Environmentally Friendly Lightbulbs

Unlike most conventional bulbs which contain mercury or phosphorus; LEDs are 100% free of toxins and recyclable. There are no UV and infrared radiations from LEDs and they produce very little heat. There’s a growing trend of LED usage at warehouses, museums and art galleries as they are environmentally friendly.

Varied LED Light Designs

If you want to make a style statement, LED home lighting is perfect for you. These lights now come in various shapes and sizes to fit individual needs. Individual LEDs can be dimmed to suit your mood. LEDs also come in various colors that help you create the right ambiance. LEDs remain stable and can take on rough conditions. They can also withstand extreme temperatures. It makes them an ideal candidate for your indoor as well as outdoor lighting needs.

Benefits of Using LED Lights

These added benefits of using LEDs for your home combined with savings on your monthly utility bills and durability make them the best choice. The fact that they are affordable and the quality of light is excellent is all the more reason, for you to convert your New Orleans home lighting to LED. You would be doing both the environment and your pocket a huge favor.

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